A Mystic Wadi in Margalla Hills

Nilan Bhotu/Nelan Bhotu is a mystical place in the premises of Margalla Hills (KPK) roughly 27 kilometers (17 miles) North-East of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. Nilan Bhotu is an unique place in its origin. The milestones in journey from Islamabad include Damen-e-Koh, Pir Sohawa, Sangada village and finally the astonishing Nilan Bhotu valley. The journey from Sangada village to Nilan Bhotu is adventurous as well as enjoyable. The jeep ride makes this journey more exciting. Murree can also be accessed from Nilan Bhotu but the track is not fit for drive although you can manage to have a hike. The track is beautiful and full of adventure and you can find many springs on your way.


Nilan Bhuto consists of water stream that comes from different springs. Crystal clear water makes few ponds best for swimming and hangout. The sunlight refined by the lush trees is reflected back from the crystal clear water of the pond making it gleam in the sunny afternoon. The view is simply breathtaking and refreshing. The pond water is cool and lucid enough to witness abundance of Mahseer fish swimming in it. These fish as told by locals are holy. They hold a belief that whoever will or try to catch them up will lose their eyesight. This long time belief of people prohibits these fish from being hunt and supports the abundance of Mahseer fish in their habitat. The view of fish swimming in crystal clear water soothes one mind and takes it off from the everyday hustle.


The whole environment with swirling trees, shining water and above all surrounding mountains isolates this place and add up the magic. As per belief of local people a holy place Chilla Gah of Imam Bari is also located near this place. Many people from village and all over the Pakistan came to visit this holy Chilla Gah, although very few people know about this place.

Nilan Bhotu is a place full of natural beauty which can be enjoyed alone as well. This place is a great picnic spot where you can also hang out with your family and friends.



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