If Sri Lanka can, why can’t we be Malaria free?

img_8642A country can eradicate Malaria or any other Vector-borne disease, with political will, proper efforts, planning, and research. The achievement of Sri Lanka to become a Malaria free country was made possible because of social mobilization or optimization to control disease and vector i.e. public education and awareness regarding certain disease.

A press release by Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) states thatThe expanded immunization progamme is a failure in all parts of the country and the government does not think about the aspects of disease prevention.” It further stresses the need for additional human resources (health workers) in malaria prone regions of the country.

img_8666-1Being one of the major health challenges, Pakistan faces around 1.6 million malaria cases annually of which around 60% do not reach laboratories, therefore left unconfirmed and unreported. Industrial developments without adequate sewage mechanism, unplanned and unsustainable urbanization, deepening poverty, massive population movements, inadequate access to quality healthcare, and poor sanitary conditions have all made it favourable for the transmission of Vector-borne diseases such Malaria and Dengue.

img_8595-1Malaria may increase unless preventive methods are promptly applied, especially in places with fragile health and living infrastructure. Absence of resources and political will have led to malaria transmission that is also affecting economic development. Pregnant women are more susceptible to suffer from malaria, and if not treated can result in low-birth-weight infants and stillbirths.


It is unfortunate for Pakistan not being able to eradicate infectious and tropical diseases including Polio, Leprosy, Diphtheria, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Measles, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue, and Congo Fever despite having no constraints in resources.



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